When Things Change


I bet that if I asked some of you what scares you the most, you would say change.

Change is something that some people embrace with open arms, and others run and hide from.

Either way, it is something that we all must encounter, and that you can’t really prepare for, but that’s the great thing about it: it gives you new experience that you have never been able to acquire before.

The inevitable change can be a good or bad thing; it all depends on what you make of it.

When you suddenly have to move cities for your job, this could change the dynamics of your relationship. Perhaps your rent will be more expensive, or you will have to leave your pet behind.

You can allow this change to be a negative thing that holds you back by putting a strain on your relationship, wallet, and comfort of living, or you could use it as a way to better your life with the benefits of your new house being right by the gym or having a great view.

When things are changing, you must be adaptive.

We live in a world where scenes change as fast as every 3 seconds on television.

Technology is growing exponentially, leaving us with something newer, faster, smaller, better, every year.

School text books are revised every year as new information is uncovered and old information is done away with.

We must constantly learn, unlearn, and relearn things, as well as being able to apply them to our lives.

It’s the only way we will be able to keep up.

Here are four things that I have come up with based on my own experience as to how you can handle change and allow it to benefit you and your endeavors.

1. Don’t fight it.

If this change is something that you can’t stop, just roll with it! Accept it. It’s something that’s going to happen anyways, and fighting it will only cause you to spend unnecessary time, energy, thought, and emotion on things that are soon to be the past, which brings me to…

2. Let go of the pre-change plans.

In order to take on these new changes in your life, you must let your old plans go. Don’t try to hold on to them or mourn over them. Just move one and…

3. Meet the changes head-on.

Gather your forces, skills, and tools as best as you can, then tackle the change from a place of power. Be ready for it and you will come out on top instead of being dragged to the ground.

4. Accept the good and the bad.

When things change, it is inevitable that even when they are good changes, they will bring some side-effects of negativity along with them.There are people and things who will make this change more difficult for you and seem to want you to fight the inevitable.

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan Watts.