Drink Wa-Ta!


I’m not so great at drawing….

But I am pretty good at drinking a good amount of water!

Even when I’m really busy with work and errands and keeping everything clean and trying to have a social life, I make drinking water a priority.


Here are reasons 🙂

1. It’s usually free when you eat out.

It can cost to get water, especially if it’s bottled, but most places serve complimentary water. I also like to eat the lemons that come with the water, so that’s just a plus!

2. To get more out of my exercise routine.

Maybe you have been told to drink water before and after you work out, and you should. You should also be plenty hydrated before you even show up to the gym. Water helps transport oxygen to your muscles. When you start moving, your muscles will be able to work more efficiently with proper oxygen, making your workout smoother and more effective as well.

Not to mention that you need to make up for the water you will sweat out.

3. To maintain a healthy weight.

Instead of unhealthy alternatives like pop or fattening milk or kool-aid with a lot of sugar and fat in them that in turn transform into fat in your body, I opt for water instead. No worries about sugar free, or zero calories, or whether to get whole or skim. Magical water is all I need 🙂

4. To keep my skin healthy.

I have eczema, so my skin is naturally very dry. To combat this, I keep the largest organ I have, my skin, hydrated. This reduces the dryness, and was recommended to me by my dermatologist.

5. It helps rid your body of toxins.

I have been eating pretty healthy lately, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are certain toxins that get stored up in the body regardless, and water helps flush them out. Think of the advice that people give to cure hangovers, or to help you get over sickness faster: drink lots of water. It helps your body stay healthy even if you’re not nursing a hangover or a stomach virus.

These are most of the reasons why I choose to drink water mostly instead of other things. I wrote myself that note to drink a half gallon because the average recommended amount is about 8 cups a day, or a half gallon. I actually rinsed out a half gallon of milk and fill in most of the way up and drink it throughout the day. This helps me keep track of my water intake. I drink more if I sweat a lot when I exercise. This recommendation of 8 cups is actually referring to any liquid you take in, including other drinks, like milk, and the water in your food. That is why I only fill my half gallon jug most of the way up. I tend to drink one cup of almond milk and one cup of a Focus XT supplement every day as well.

Thank you, oh wise Post-It, for reminding me to make my health and hydration a priority, even among all the other things going on in my life. May this hydration benefit my health without causing an unnecessary amount of bathroom breaks throughout the day!