Much Love For All You Bloggers <3



We’re all a bit like puzzle pieces.

We all try to fit in somewhere in this big ole world, in whatever way that might be.

Sometimes, we find ourselves in a place that just doesn’t feel right. We don’t quite fit in, no matter how hard we try to force it.

Other times, we look around and find ourselves surrounded by pieces that perfectly match us, and it is then that we feel at home.

So I just want to say, “Thank you,” to the blogging community for, well, just being you.

The more I blog, the more blogs I read, and the more that I see all this awesome people who are expressing themselves, sharing knowledge, enlightening the world. That’s what we’re all trying to do, and if you ask me, it’s working.

Creative people inspire me, and there’s no shortage of them here. Each and every blog is different, representing the personality and character of the blogger who created it. This gives me a chance to look at the words and stories of people and learn about not only the content of their post, but of the person who wrote it as well. To be able to have that type of access into a stranger’s world thrills me. I love people, and I love people “being around” people who take their interpretation of the world and express it the way that they know how.

So thank you, blogging community. (Can’t help but say the word “community” in the voice of Marcel the Shell, every time -_- ) I feel like I am among my people! Haha but that’s the truth.

Having messed around in the marketing/advertising niche for a while, I can tell a difference between that and this. Advertisers are competing against each other, so they tend to be a bit…secretive about their methods. The blogging community, and freelance as well, to an extent, compete in a different way. Here, if you are good, if your ideas and writing are good, then you have more followers and more success. It’s more of a reward system for being creative than a punishment for not having good advertising techniques. I know that the dynamics are different of course, so the niches have to be different. I just am more cut out for this one, and enjoy it more.

So for all of you inspirational, creative, intelligent, caring writers who take the time out of their day to write down what they think of things not only to express but to add to the wealth of knowledge out there, thank you. I am honored to be among your presence, and motivated to find my voice and join you in this great puzzle that we call life 🙂


How My “Brilliant” Plan Failed


In case you haven’t read my other blogs, I am currently explaining how I got from quitting college to where I am right now, which I will eventually tell  you about 🙂

As I previously mentioned, I was going to need flyers, pamphlets, and a presentation of some sort before I was going to start advertising with my small business that I was going to create named “Unmasked Promotion.” (My best friend helped me come up with that.) I can design basic publications like those with Microsoft Publisher, but I wanted them to be very well done. I would also need a logo, which I could not hope to design. This process proved to be difficult. I ordered three different logos and didn’t like any of them. Since I was ordering off of Fiverr it was a bit difficult to have designers keep redesigning the logo that I apparently just couldn’t explain correctly. I ended up waiting longer than I wanted to, about 3 weeks.

In that time, I was really anxious to start driving to different businesses and explaining my idea to them. My idea was to ask for the owner or manager and talk to them for just a minute or two, then leave a card and pamphlet with them. I would then call them in a week to see if they were interested in a week’s worth of social media advertising and promotion for $20. If they said they were, I was going to arrange a small meeting, maybe 15 minutes, to present my research on how my service was going to be worth it to them, and then discuss starting the job.

If only I had those publications! I never did get them though. Instead of waiting longer to advertise to businesses around my area, I started advertising for businesses online. I started off by working on Fiverr, then attempting to initiate outside contact. At my best, I was making $100 a week working online at home, from advertising and just writing. I built up to this point and worked on it from mid-November 2012 to around the start of January. At that point, I was getting tired of the work that I was doing. At my heart, I’m a writer, and it’s the only thing that I have enough motivation to pursue. While I was getting to write some, ads, emails, so on, it wasn’t enough. I was finding jobs easier and getting better praise when I focused on writing. Deciding that I needed to be true to what I want to do and would put more effort into, I quit the advertising that I was doing and converted to just writing.

I had to slowly find a good spot to stop working for the people that I was advertising and promoting for. I still work for one woman who I enjoy working with very much, but other than that, my whole brilliant plan, the whole reason I quit college, failed completely. Poof. Idea not in the workings any more.

However, I will tell you how that experience led me to where I am now, which is in a great place, in my humble opinion. Next time 🙂