That Sweet Sound


I am putting a pause on my story to share this with you 🙂

Raise your hand if you love compliments. Yeah, me too. As a writer, I thrive on not just compliments, but good reviews of my writing.

Why? One, because compliments make you feel all warm and tinglay! Two, because I need validation as a writer. I don’t need other people to tell me that I’m good. If I put enough work and effort into my writing and compare it to others and to the guidelines set before me, I can decide myself. However, when other people validate something that I write, I can KNOW, without a doubt, that it’s good. It’s not wishful thinking or hope or self-critical analysis, but real validation from real people that the things that exist in my mind and are channeled through my fingers are worth something. They are valuable. As someone who writes tons of things every day and has since they could write, this means a lot to me.

“You hit the ball out of the park! Great job (and I am very hard to please when it comes to writers)! Thanks very much! I will certainly use your services again!”

“If you’re looking for a writer, run, do not walk, to purchase this writer’s services! She did a fabulous job! She took the specifications and parameters I gave, and returned with a superbly-written article. It was error-free, grammatically correct, but more importantly, very good writing!”

Aaaaah, the sound of assurance that I am worth something in this world!

This is a review of one of my articles that I wrote for my Fiverr profile.

We all deserve to be proud of ourselves when we do a good job on something and brag a little bit 🙂 This is my version of hanging a really cool coloring sheet on my own refrigerator. Except I can’t ever stay inside the lines…

What is something that YOU are proud of yourself for? I’m interested 🙂


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