My Brilliant Plan

Long story short, I decided to quit college and see what I could make of myself as an entrepreneur, if you didn’t read my previous post. This is what I decided to do first.

While I was at college, there was this really tiny club called Effex. They had “techno nights” on Wednesdays nights for a while. Being a small town in Oklahoma, not very many people went. I had checked out their Facebook page and saw that it was kind of dead. After seeing how good the promotion is for clubs in Dallas, I had a few ideas on how to help improve that. So, I started trying to help with that.

This made me start thinking that I could help promote people’s businesses on Facebook. There are certain Facebook pages that are just for a business, and I knew that there were businesses (like Effex) that had really bad pages. I was sure that I could work out a deal with owners where they paid me to run their page and do other promotional type things. This was just an idea that I was playing with in my head. I didn’t really think much of it until I mentioned it to my boyfriend. He thought it was a great idea and wondered why I hadn’t already begun to implement it. This made me start to think seriously about the idea.

Turns out, there are already some businesses, as well as software, that do this. I was planning on charging $10 a week for this service. $10 a week for advertising fora business is not much at all. It’s like paying an employee who works for minimum wage to work for a little over an hour. So, I came up with the idea of “Unmasked.”

Unmasked was going to be the name of the promotion service I was going to run. I was going to start off by making business cards and pamphlets and going around to businesses presenting myself. I was going to have a small presentation that I was going to give, which would include statistics for how much revenue that Facebook advertising brings in compared to how little they would be paying me for it.

Think about it. If you could get 10 businesses to agree to this, that’s $100 a week for basically running Facebook pages for an hour or two a day. That’s a pretty good deal.

It would have worked too. In fact, I did it for a while. However, my brilliant plan ended up falling through because some other things came up that made me change my mind and career goals, which I will discuss in the next post 🙂

If you have ANYTHING you would like to say, please do. I love comments purely for the fact that I love hearing what other people have to say.

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